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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

The Summer term holds lots of exciting topics and learning opportunities! We are really looking forward to getting this final term off to a good start.

In English we will be developing our story writing by writing science fiction and mystery stories, investigating about our own and other people’s lives when writing biographies and autobiographies, and exploring the life of Michael Rosen and writing poetry using his ideas. In Maths we will be focusing on our numerical fluency whilst exploring fractions, shape and measure.

In Topic we will be learning about what life was like in Ancient Greece, whilst developing our understanding of the world by locating Greece on different maps. We will be making our own Greek vases, Greek structures and Greek masks. We will also be tasting Greek food and visiting the British Museum in London. We will be investigating light and shadows and plants in Science. In Computing, we will be using databases and data loggers to present and sort recorded data.

Curriculum Map
A Typical Year 3 Timetable

New maths curriculum:

Year 3 Learner
Year 3 Programme of Study