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Year 2

Roald Dahl


This term, Year 2 will be focusing on the topic of Roald Dahl. The topic will develop their understanding in a range of subject areas including History, Geography, Art and Music.

In Geography, the children will be learning about the countries that Roald Dahl visited for inspiration, as well as lived in and worked in. We will look at physical and human geography aspects linked to those countries.

In History, we will be looking at the timeline of Roald Dahls life. We will be exploring key events during his writing career and his time during WW2.

In Art the children will be exploring the artist Lowry. In D&T we will be designing and making chocolate bars.

Computing lessons will enable us to explore different ways of presenting and publishing our work. We will also use word cloud software to present key topic language in different ways visually.



In Maths this term, the children will be building upon their understanding of number. They will start to explore calculation facts and will be exploring the inverse operation. In addition to this, the children will be learning the properties and names of 2D and 3D shapes. The children will be also learning about angles, rotation and direction.



In English, we will be learning about explanation texts and will develop our own texts about Plants. We will explore the use of key features such as sub-headings, headings, paragraphs, diagrams and captions.

We will also be looking at traditional tales and writing our own versions of well-known stories. In our writing we will be using adjectives and adverbs of time and manner to sequence events and add more detail.


We are learning about My Personal Best. It uses PE to teach a variety of skills. Our key skill this half term is integrity. We are learning to show integrity in a variety of different contexts. This helps us transfer the skills to other lessons, life in school and the wider environment.