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Curriculum Intent

Geography is essentially about understanding the world we live in. It helps to provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world. At Cowley Hill, we aim to provide children with learning experiences that provide opportunities to investigate a range of questions and develop an understanding of what makes where they live unique and articulate reasons behind this.

We aim to encourage children to become resourceful and resilience through the programme of study. This encourages our children to become independent learners allowing learning to continue outside of the classroom environment.

Geography is an investigative subject, which develops an understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills. At Cowley Hill, our intent is to develop these geographical skills year on year to provide children with the foundations to explore and understand the world around them. This, in turn, equips children with the skills and knowledge to become geographical lifelong learners and develop a true love and curiosity for the subject.

Curriculum Implementation

Our whole curriculum is shaped by our school vision which aims to enable all children, regardless of background, ability or additional needs, to flourish to become lifelong learners.

Geography is taught as part of a half-termly topic, focusing on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. All geography lessons are planned and taught in line with the National Curriculum and are supported by the schools geographical skills and knowledge progression document. This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children. It is important that children develop the skills of a geographer by fully immersing them in all areas of the subject.

The local area is fully utilised to achieve desired outcomes through inspiring and exciting the children with what they know around them. This provides opportunities for learning outside the classroom and embedding key skills learnt in the classroom. School trips and fieldwork are provided to give first hand experiences, which enhance children’s understanding of the world beyond their locality and allows children to experience what makes where they live unique.