Cowley Hill Primary School

Eco Warriors Updates 


Big Battery Hunt

We have joined the nations biggest battery recycling programme- ‘The Big Battery Hunt’. Pupils have been asked to bring in any old batteries to be recycled.

Pupils are given a box to take home to fill up with as many batteries as they can. There are a host of prizes to be won including a trip to the Sustainability Centre, I-Pads and£4000 of school funding.


We have until 26th April 2020– Get Hunting!






Terra Cycle Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

Every year countless pieces of crisp packets end up in landfill sites across the UK. As a school, we are working with Terra Cycle to try and put an end to this enormous loss of resources.

The crisp packet recycling scheme gives pupils the opportunity to bring empty crisp packets to school and place them in one of our recycling boxes. The boxes are then collected by Terra Cycle to be recycled and prevent them from ending up in landfill sites.


 BIC Recycling Scheme

 Have you ever wondered where you seat came from? What your table was before? It could have been made from recycled pens. Yes that’s right by bringing in old pens and depositing them in our BIC bin you are helping is turn them into new and useful products.



Reusable water bottles

We would like to encourage children use reusable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles. Christina in year 6, presented a very informative           presentation on the effect single use bottles have on our environment, highlighting the benefits of reusable bottles.


Environmental Fair

On Thursday 5th December 2019, our ECO Warriors attended the Borehamwood Environmental Fair at the Council Offices. They spoke to the Police about staying safe, completed a fire safety task with the Fire Brigade, used recycled materials to make decorations and jewellery and looked at ways to keep the bee population high. It was lovely to hear them complimented on about their excellent behaviour by members of staff.


Composting Fruit

At break time pupils are asked to place their fruit in the fruit buckets. Then at the end of break time, our ECO Warriors take the buckets and deposit the fruit in the composting bins. Alongside the fruit, they also add tree clippings and grass from our school site.



Switch Off Fortnight

Each year, we are proud to participate in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’. Pupils learn about the importance of saving energy and ensuring that lights are switched off when people are not in the room or devices switches off when not in use. Did you know leaving your television on standby over night wastes 72 watts? Here at Cowley Hill, our dedicated team of ECO Warriors go the extra mile every day by ensuring lights and devices are switched off then there isn't anybody in the room.


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