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Year 1

This term the children will be busy learning and discovering lots of new things!

In English we will continue to develop our understanding of how to read and spell through our phonics lessons. We will be learning to write stories based on familiar texts and will also be writing recounts about growing. We are also very excited to be learning about the Shakespeare tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In Maths we will be furthering our understanding of how to tell the time. We will also learn how to double and halve using objects and by drawing our representations. We will further our understanding of how to measure capacity too!

In Science we will be learning about life processes and the human body. Our Topic work will focus on ‘When I Grow Up’. We will be learning about different jobs and how we change. We will also create our own timelines to show important events that have happened to us.

In Computing, we will be developing our understanding of how to use the iPads and laptops safely. We will also be looking at how we can use different software for different purposes

Curriculum Map
A Typical Year 1 Timetable

New maths curriculum:

Year 1 Learner 
Year 1 Programme of Study