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Year 1

This term the children have been busy learning and exploring lots of new things!

In English we continued to develop our understanding of how to read and spell through our phonics lessons. We have been working on writing clear sentences remembering our capital letters, fingers spaces and punctuation.


We have been retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Afterwards we changed the characters to make the story our own. To improve the story we added in more exciting vocabulary and challenges ourselves to use conjunctions and a variety of punctuation. We have also researched information about sea creatures to write a report. We found out lots of fun facts like which sea creatures live in which oceans, what they eat and how they survive!


In Maths we have been developing our number skills focusing on multiplication and division. We practised multiplication by creating arrays to show groups of numbers. We used this skill to support us with our division. We put objects into equal groups and discussed if there were any remainders or not.


In Topic we have been looking at life under the sea. First we located the different oceans and explored which animals live in which ocean. We then looked at food chains and discussed the transfer of energy.


In Science we have been learning about plants. We used laptops to research common plants and identified the different parts of a flower. We then discussed what each part of a plant does and looked at how seeds disperse.


In Computing we are focusing on developing our basic skills. We have been using word to practise our typing. We know how to access different symbols on the keyboard by using the shift key. We are now creating images on the computers using paint.


In PSHE we have been looking at relationships. We discussed who was important to be and why. We looked at how we are all special and what qualities make a good friend. We are now looking at changes. We will be exploring the changes we have already made and what changes are to come.