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Year 1


This term the children have been busy learning and exploring lots of new things!


In English we continued to develop our understanding of how to read and spell through our phonics lessons. We have been working on writing clear sentences remembering our capital letters, fingers spaces and punctuation.


We have been retelling the story of Handa’s surprise. Afterwards we changed the story to make it our own. We chose our own African animals to retell the story. We were challenged to include adjectives to describe the various fruits.


In Maths we have been looking at presenting numbers in different ways. We have used lots of different objects to help us. We are working hard with our number formation making sure the digits are the correct way round.


In Phonics we are practicing our sounds. We then use these to help us decode words. We are working hard to segment a word to support us with our spelling. We are listening for all the sounds we can hear in a word.


In the afternoons we are practicing our handwriting and are developing our fine motor skills. Them we explore our learning choosing activities that are set up in the classroom.