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Year 1


This term the children have been busy learning and discovering lots of new things!

In Phonics we continue to develop our understanding of how to read and spell using our sounds. We have been playing lots of games looking at sorting real and non-real words. We have also been looking at some spelling patterns especially with those tricky words!

In English we have been working on writing clear sentences remembering our capital letters, fingers spaces and punctuation. We have researched information about teddies and wrote a report about them. We also looked at instruction writing to create a cup and ball game linked to our topic Old Toys and New Toys. We have also been looking at the story Flo of the Somme. We created a storyboard to retell the story.

In Maths we have been looking at measure. We practiced our adding and subtraction using “think 10”. After developed our mathematical language by comparing the values of numbers. We broke down numbers by looking at the different parts. We are also practicing counting in multiples of two, five and ten.

In Topic we have been looking at our local area. We located Borehamwood and Cowley Hill on google maps. Then we will be looking at the symbols found on maps.

In Science we have learned about materials. We discussed various materials and described their properties. We had a SETPOINT workshop where we explored different materials, their properties and did an investigating to see which material would be the best to block out the light. We are now looking at plants. 

In Computing we are focusing on programming using an app called Scratch Jr. We have been exploring various algorithms (instructions) to input and control a character. From making them grow and shrink to moving them around the screen at different speeds.

In PSHE our unit is healthy me. We have been discussing what is healthy and unhealthy. Also we will be looking at what makes a healthy lifestyle and how to keep ourselves safe from harmful products.