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Year 4

The summer term in year four continues to provide some fantastic learning opportunities.

In English, we will be entering the magical world of Harry Potter. We will engage in descriptive writing of both characters and settings, identifying the techniques used by JK Rowling to create suspense, amongst other feelings. The work produced will allow the children to display their ability as well as their creativity. To top this off, we will also be visiting the Warner Brothers Studio Tour – Harry Potter to get a first-hand viewing of the incredibly magical world the stories are set in.

Science will see the children investigating and researching around states of matter; looking at reversible/irreversible changes. The topic provides plenty of opportunity for hands on practical experience as the children investigate scientifically.

In Topic this term, we will be researching the Anglo-Saxons and finding out what life in Britain was like after the fall of the Roman Empire. We will also be looking at rivers and leaning all about the features of them. We will also be working scientifically as we research and learn about the water cycle.


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