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Year 2

In English, we will continue to develop our understanding of different types of sentences and how we can use a range of adjectives to add description to our writing. We will be learning to write instructions about fictional tasks and stories based on creation stories.

In Maths we will further develop our understanding of fractions and how to group amounts equally as well as continuing to build on our ability to tell time.

In Science we will be learning about a range of habitats and understanding the life process of some living things. Our Topic work will focus on mini-beasts and Florence Nightingale. We will be learning how to complete timelines to show important events in the life of Florence Nightingale.

Finally, we will be learning how to read and draw maps.



Curriculum Map
A Typical Year 2 Timetable

New maths curriculum:

Year 2 Learner
Year 2 Programme of Study