Sports Ambassadors



At Cowley Hill, we believe it is important to promote leadership opportunities for pupils. One of these opportunities is becoming one of our eight Sports Ambassadors. This role enables pupils to develop leadership skills, communication skills, organising skills and self-confidence. The Sports Ambassadors adhere to being a positive role model by being polite, being respectful, being approachable and by working hard.


At the beginning of each year, all pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity to apply for the position of a ‘Sports Ambassador’. First, pupils are required to complete an application form in which they detail why they would like the role, why they think they would be a good Sports Ambassador and the skills they believe they possess for the role. Following the written applications, a shortlist of candidates is drawn up with those pupils attending an interview with Mr Hood and Mr Taylor (PE Leader). Finally, following the interview process, 8 successful candidates are selected to become Sports Ambassadors and are presented with their badge and hoodie in Celebration Assembly.


At Cowley Hill, we ask for the Sports Ambassadors to implement PACE:

Promote physical activity.

Assist staff.

Create opportunities for others to be active.

Encourage others to participate in physical activity and sport.


The main roles of a Sports Ambassador are:

  • To be a positive role model for PE and Sport.
  • To promote our Sports Values of: Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Teamwork.
  • To assist/support staff in setting up and tidying away equipment for PE lessons and Sports Clubs.
  • To assist/ support staff in leading PE lessons and Sports Clubs.
  • To assist/support staff in the planning, organising and running of Sports Day.
  • To promote and lead physical activity sessions during break and lunchtimes.
  • To update our PE and Sports Achievement Ladder.
  • To update the Sports Notice board.