Year 4


Ancient Egypt

This term in Science, the children will cover two topics, Sounds and Vibration, and Teeth and digestion. They will learn about how sound is created and how we, as humans, hear sound. They will also learn about what happens within the body as food is chewed and digested. The children will focus on their science skills of observing, planning experiments and interpreting results.

In History, the children will learn about Ancient Egypt. They will discover how the Egyptian people lived, understand their successes and explain the reasons for this. The children will link this learning to their English lessons, writing about famous myths and legends and even create their own stories.

In Geography, we will be looking at the European country of Iceland. We will compare it to the U.K, using the internet as a research tool.

In Art, we will be sketching; we will explore different types of sketching. We will end our topic using our skills to create a portrait of Harriet Tubman.

In R.E. Year 4 will learn all about Hinduism. They will learn about the different Gods, how and why they are worshipped and what it is like to be a Hindu. The children will have opportunity handle artefacts to gain a deeper understanding of a typical Hindu life.

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A Typical Year 4 Timetable