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Year 4

Ancient Eqyptians 

This term, in science the children are learning all about Teeth and digestion. They will learn about the journey of food through the body, plan and conduct experiments to aid their understanding.

In topic lessons, the children are learning about Ancient Egypt. They will discover how the Egyptian people lived, understand their successes and explain the reasons for this. The children will link this learning to their English lessons, writing about famous myths and legends and even create their own stories.

Linked to the Egyptian topic, in D&T the children will be creating their own Canopic jars and complete a planning booklet, in so doing they will practice their skill of working from a design plan.

In R.E. Year 4 are learning all about Hinduism. They will learn about the different Gods, how and why they are worshipped and what it is like to be a Hindu. Finally, the children will visit a Hindu temple later in the term.


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