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Year 6


This term in year 6, we will continue to explore the events of World War II – placing a focus upon the Holocaust. We will be linking our topic to a variety of areas of the curriculum – namely English where we will use the events to inspire some of our writing. We will be creating links to our continued topic in RE of Judaism and placing a level of attention to Holocaust Memorial Day. We will also be looking at map reading alongside a study of our local area as we compare it to the rest of the world.
Our study in English will comprise of persuasive writing, letter writing and narratives – all whilst considering the uses of cohesive devices, grammatical structures and formal and informal voices.
In science, we will be looking at inheritance and asking questions such as how our eye colour is determined. In addition to this, we will be studying classification and linking it to our computing lessons to create flow charts that will support the user in classifying. Aside of this, in computing we will begin to learn about database creation and navigation.
Maths will continue to provide opportunity for the children to demonstrate and develop their level of understanding over problem solving and reasoning – across a wide range of subject areas whilst considering and utilising all operations.

We are learning about My Personal Best. It uses PE to teach a variety of skills. Our key skill this half term is integrity. We are learning to show integrity in a variety of different contexts. This helps us transfer the skills to other lessons, life in school and the wider environment.