Year 6

Crime and Punishment

In year 6, as we prepare for our end of KS2 assessment, we have begun to revisit past areas of our learning whilst managing the gaps stemming from the previous school closures.

In English, we will begin by exploring a book titled ‘Wisp A story of hope' written by Zara Fraillon. Focus will be place this term on securing knowledge of sentence construction and the varying structures alongside the use of adverbials and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The children will be working on writing their own discussion and explanation texts as they consider how to best appeal to their target audience.

In maths, the children will be addressing gaps in learning whilst simultaneously developing their understanding and levels of fluency. Doing so will support their efficiency in problem solving, flexibility to approach problems and their accuracy as they learn and secure the recall of facts. We will be developing our ability when using mental strategies to calculate as well as our written strategies. Looking beyond, we will be recapping multiples, factors and primes before progressing to developing our understanding over fractions, decimals and percentages.

In Science, we are investigating and exploring electricity. We will be exploring a range of components used within a circuit, considering the amount of voltage used within a circuit including how this could affect the brightness of bulbs and the loudness of buzzers. We will also be representing a simple circuit using recognised symbols.

In History and Geography, we will be exploring the development of crime and punishment in Britain. Our topic will stem from the time of the Roman Empire up to the present day, in the new millennium. Comparison and study of artefacts and varying sources will support and enrich the understandings, allowing children to them to have informed opinions.

In PE, we will be exploring our floor movements, shapes & balances. Following this, we will create short routines that demonstrate our abilities whilst we evaluate and reflect in order to continually develop.  As well as our work in gymnastics, we will also be exploring Hockey and developing an understanding over techniques, which can be utilised within the game. We will look at strategies and tactics, which can also be, transferred into other invasion games, taking note of when we are attacking and when we are defending.


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