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Year 6

Our Local Area

In English, we will continue to focus on the structure of sentences and build cohesion across and throughout paragraphs. This will be through a range of text types including explanations, reports and narratives. As always, we will continue to consider and discuss the purpose and a target audience of our writing, considering if a formal or informal voice is more appropriate.

In maths, Year 6 will be working to develop a fluency of mental problem solving strategies and be able to reason which are most efficient within a range of situations. We will explore a range of strands to develop understanding and support future problem solving, both written and mental. Reasoning will continue to be a key focus. Some of the areas of focus include; percentages, division strategies, BODMAS, algebra & area/perimeter.

In Science, we are investigating and exploring electricity. We will be exploring a range of components used within a circuit, considering the amount of voltage used within a circuit including how this could affect the brightness of bulbs and the loudness of buzzers. We will also be representing a simple circuit using recognised symbols.

In History and Geography, we will be exploring our local area of Borehamwood and its similarities to other town and cities in the UK, as well as some in other countries. We will be considering the human and physical geography of all areas we focus on as well as practising the read maps accurately.

In PE, we will be engaging in the rules, regulations, skills and tactics used within rounder’s and cricket before moving on to explore both the field and track sides of athletics.