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Year 3

Ancient Britain

During Autumn term our topic will be Ancient Britain.  We will be investigating the lives of people thousands of years ago and seeking to understand how they lived, traded, fought, and changed over time. This will involve cave style artwork and will culminate in a ‘Wow’ day where prehistoric artefacts, games and activities will bring this era to life.

In English we will be focusing on Fables, with our core text being ‘War and Peas’ by Michael Foreman. Looking at the morals behind different stories and; how to explain and extend our writing using a range of conjunctions.

We will be following the Spell to Excel scheme for our weekly spellings, in which we will focus on a different spelling rule each week. A rainbow words spelling test will also take place fortnightly, which will focus on the 100 words children need to learn in Year 3 and 4. Both spelling lists need to be practised at home for children to gain maximum benefit of these schemes.

Maths will focus on number and place value – understanding how 3-digit numbers are composed of ones, tens and hundreds and using strategies of regrouping to add and subtract. Times-tables will be constantly revisited but should also be practised at home to gain maximum benefit.

We will be learning about ‘Our Personal Best’ and ensuring that reasoning is clear and well-developed throughout all of our learning.