Cowley Hill Primary School

Year 3

Prehistoric Britain

Year 3 will be delving deep into the stone-age period. We will be exploring the earliest discoveries of humanity and learning of the demanding lifestyles of our ancient ancestors. Children will handle artefacts from 1000’s of years ago, create stone-age inspired artwork and grapple with the decisions made many thousands of years ago. This will culminate in a visit to Celtic Harmony for a fun, educational trip that will really bring this fascinating topic to life.


Year 3 Maths will focus on the understanding of number and place value. For English, poetry and the utilising of different structures will be our first topic.


Year 3 will also be learning about Rocks and soils as a science topic. This involves the use and classification of rocks, as well as experimenting to determine a rocks properties and how it might be used. Soils will be investigated with the intention to develop an  understanding into the nature of plants in later topics.

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