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Over summer, in English, Year 3 will be using the skills of persuasion with the short- film ‘The Lighthouse’ for inspiration. This will involve pupils writing formal letters that encourage and convince others to engage in heroic acts to save the day.


Following this, children will be writing a set of instructions, using imperative verbs and sequencing to create clear and accurate steps.


Finally, children will be creating suspense-based stories, which will use atmosphere and tension to keep the reader guessing, as well as end in unconventional ways.


In Maths, there will be a focus on linking Multiplication and Division, laying foundational knowledge in both mental and written strategies, as well as introducing fractions. In addition to this, there will be a continued focus on attaining greater fluency with number and other key skills that will support their understanding of Mathematics as a whole. 


Science will consist of learning about Rocks and Minerals - the composition of the earth beneath us and how it changes and supports life. We will also be studying the nature of light.

Our topic will focus on Borehamwood and the locality. We will be looking at current usage and development as well as how land use has changed over the years.


R.E will consist of learning of about the nature of identity and belonging, both spiritual and secular. PSHE will be ongoing and supporting the wellbeing of pupils in this difficult time.


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