Our Community

Cowley Hill is an inclusive school where we value everybody's faith, culture, ideas and suggestions.

School Community is an area to share our opinions and ideas.


Subject leaders carry out a random selection of pupil voice questionnaires to find out how children feel about the teaching and learning of their subject.


The views expressed by parents and carers were overwhelmingly positive. Many noted the transformation of the school in recent years. Typical of these comments

‘I am proud to send my children to Cowley Hill’ and ‘My children love everything about the school from head to school mates. They get all the attention they need.’

Responses from parents and carers to Ofsted’s questionnaire

Ofsted invited all the registered parents and carers of pupils registered at Cowley Hill School to complete a questionnaire about their views of the school. In the questionnaire, parents and carers were asked to record how strongly they agreed with 13 statements about the school.

The inspection team received 203 completed questionnaires by the end of the on-site inspection. In total, there are 351 pupils registered at the school.


The table above summarises the responses that parents and carers made to each statement. The percentages indicate the proportion of parents and carers giving that response out of the total number of completed questionnaires. Where one or more parents and carers chose not to answer a particular question, the percentages will not add up to 100%.